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Over 15 years of professional training I’ve experienced the same problem with all the advice given by fitness magazines, trainers who looked the part and ‘popular gyms’. There has been a lack of guidance and personalization specific to each individual.


Professionals in the fitness realm constantly ask people to tackle challenges and enter situations when they are physically and mentally unprepared. They concentrate 95% of their effort on what’s happening inside the gym, putting their clients at risk of both injury and eventual failure.


When opening RAISE, I wanted to create a new standard practice in the industry. One that cares as much as I do, a system that effectively ‘Raises the standard’ and focuses on the individual needs of our clients.

Hard work does matter, but I can prove that minimal, effective doses of intensity is better. I also know it’s not the time spent in the gym with me, it’s the other 165 hours a week that need to be addressed and monitored. It’s the actions we take daily, consistently and intelligently that make a difference.


The bottom line is RAISE cuts out the B.S. so you can focus on what matters when it comes to getting in shape. So, whether you’re looking to change up your routine, improve your habits, or just look a little better, we care and can help.

Q & A

How are we


Each of you comes to us with different goals in mind.

Whatever your motivation, we need to understand how you live your life, not just what you can or can’t do in the gym.


We tailor each & every program based on your level of ability, the time you have to spend, equipment available to you, the people you hang around with and the way you eat. We adjust each day based on your life so that business travel, family and the other curve-balls are just part and parcel of your progress.

Are we right

for you?


Selecting a fitness specialist is a long-term commitment on many levels - time, money, physically
and emotionally.


Because we offer a more exclusive, personalized service and limit the number of clients we take on, we conduct a free 2 week on-boarding process to help us decide if we’d be a good fit.

Our goal is to help you build discipline and create new habits
that will last a lifetime, not just for
the summer. A key part of our job is to keep you on-track when you’re not physically working out with us so we will be in regular contact, checking in, keeping you honest and most of all supported.


We want to lay the groundwork
not only through personalization but
with consistency. The confidence that
our clients gain, and their new found knowledge on how to integrate fitness into their lives in a way that truly works for them is a win for us.

What results can
you expect?





We start with an introductory call to understand your unique fitness goals. We then take the following 13 days to get to know you better by reviewing your daily routine, how you eat and your current level of fitness. We are not in the business of creating programs that feel good but don’t work and we never want to sell unobtainable goals, so this is the perfect way for you to try us on for size.



We concentrate on you.

We balance you.

We get you stronger.

We address your weaknesses. 


RAISE workouts are progressive and based on essential movements, strength qualities and energy systems. What this means is that you’ll be focused on training key movements in order to develop overall strength and work capacity. The fringe benefit is that training in this manner is also the most effective way to build a great body.



You can expect to train hard here, but you don’t have to do it alone. Luckily while you are working your ass off you can be doing so in a fun, high-energy and hugely supportive environment that is invested in your success. There are benefits to small groups.


Each member of the group will be required to fulfill a short on-boarding session to ensure quality assurance. 


$350 A MONTH

Work out when it suits your schedule.  Individualized, fun and progressive programming through the app TRUE COACH.  Instructions, personalized videos and descriptions from Ray; there is no cut and paste potential here.  Unlimited communication so there is cyclical feedback.   




Best. Trainer. Ever! As a former trainer and athlete, I was looking for someone to keep me motivated and help me push beyond my perceived limits. Ray has done just that and more over the past 5 years. I see him 3x per week and my sessions with him have become the foundation of my physical and mental health regimen.

- Howard L

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